The warmest corner in your neighbourhood serving honest bakes, cakes and coffee!

Throughout the Day Menu
8:30am Onwards
We use in-house handcrafted breads and spreads, with fresh and healthy dose of greens and proteins. Crafted with fresh vegetables, high-quality & in-house poached or roasted meats, low fat dips & spreads and, there’s a whole host of inspired sandwich options for you to enjoy.

Stuffed Breads

Basil Pesto Cottage Cheese /Chicken Spicy Garlic Cottage Cheese /Chicken

Wheat Bran Bread Sandwiches

Chipotle Paneer/ Chicken


Herb Falafel & Salad Cranberry Roasted Chicken & Salad

Cheese & Crackers

Mountain Cheese Slices, In-house Baked Crackers, Olives dipped in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Gherkins, Alfalfa Sprouts, Choice of Cream Cheese Spread (Basil Pesto / Mustard / Spicy Hummus / Honey Walnut)