The warmest corner in your neighbourhood serving honest bakes, cakes and coffee!


Cake by the slice

Cakes are not only desserts but are way of life for us. We indulge in cakes,be it picking the best oranges to get a handful of zest or to walking miles to fetch the best chocolate in the town.

  • Dry Cakes (Orange/ Strawberry/ Lemon/ Apple Streusel/ Cream Cheese/ Chocolate/ Mocha/ Marble/ Cinnamon Swirl)
  • Cake of the Day with Frosting

Chocolicious Bites

If you are looking some serious chocolate our brownies are for you. This is the only thing we don’t even think of messing around with recipe and hence you will find the taste always the same. Sometimes we coat the brownies with dark chocolate to make it more choco-licious.

  • Rum Ball
  • Brownie
  • Walnut Brownie
  • Low Sugar Brownie
  • Chocolate Bar
  • Chocolate Nutty Bar

Super Healthy Muffins

Muffins, more hearty than cupcakes, also change with the seasons. All our muffins suitable for everybody, especially vegans and those with food allergies in search of dairy-free or egg-free.

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Fresh Coconut
  • Date Bran
  • Red Beet


  • Banana Walnut
  • Very Berry (Strawberry & Cranberry)
  • Orange Chocolate
  • Carrot Pistachio


It’s always easy to get assembly line cookie doughs. But as you know we make our own cookie dough and our cookies are baked off in our kitchen.

  • Cranberry Rolled Oats
  • White Chips Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate Chips
  • Ginger Cookies