Bootcamp - Hand Rolled Cookies Baking

120 Minutes | Hands-on Workshop 

INR 3000/- Per Participant | Participants' Age: 8 years & above 
INR 4000/- Per Participant | A Parent & Child [Under 8 years] 2 Participants

This is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to make healthy cookies - designed for health-conscious cookie freaks. The Bootcamp will skill you to create various delicious, wholesome cookies using whole foods and without using margarine, shortening, refined sugar, essence, and preservatives. It will also guide you to explore alternative flours like millets and help you understand how to substitute ingredients to make the cookies fit your dietary and lifestyle needs (such as how to replace eggs, how to replace butter, etc.)

Learning Units: 

  • Learn to pick the best alternative flour for your needs.
  • Learn to customize your baking to fit your dietary needs.
  • Learn to make 4 types of cookies which include wholesome cookies, gluten-free cookies, vegan cookies, no sugar cookies, no flour cookies
  • Learn to make wholesome, delicious cookies without eggs.
  • Learn to plan your batch and store cookies.

This workshop can easily be adapted to suit those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. This session is not suitable for those who have a wheat or gluten allergy.

All the ingredients, tools and equipments along with apron, hand towel for the workshop will be provided by us. The workshop includes tasting the products made. We will be happy to parcel your baked goods with you.