Masterclass I : Artisan Bread

2 Day | 8 Hours - 4 hours X 2 days | INR 8500/- Per Participant | Participants' Age: 12 years & above 

Learning Units: [also suitable for vegetarian and vegan diet followers]

  • Artisan Loaf
  • Focaccia 
  • Fougasse
  • Brioche
  • Buns & Dinner Rolls
  • Savoury Stuffed Breads
  • Sweet Stuffed Breads 

Practice makes perfect when it comes to baking, and by the end of this lesson we will be able to make your own amazing loaves and breads. To start, our chef will guide you through the basics of bread baking, ensuring you become super-familiar with a range of flours, the importance of yeast and the key kneading methods.

Once you get the grip of the basics, we will dive right into mixing up the dough and baking your first loaf. To achieve the perfect balance of flavour and texture, we will help you appreciate how the ingredients chemically interact with each other. 

First Session:

  • Understand the tools required in baking bread
  • Understanding ingredients and their role in bread baking
  • Master concepts such as folding, shaping, proofing, baking & storing
  • Learn the techniques and tips to tweak your loaves to perfection
  • Learn how to make sandwich loaf and artisan loaf
  • Learn how to make a focaccia with olives and tomatoes
  • Learn how to make fougasse (perfect to have with curries)

Second Session:

  • Learn to make rustic, single-knot, pull-apart, dinner rolls and buns.
  • Learn how to make irresistible savoury stuffed breads 
  • Learn how to make cinnamon and sweet rolls

This workshop can easily be adapted to suit those who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. This session is not suitable for those who have a wheat or gluten allergy.

All the ingredients, tools and equipments along with apron, hand towel for the workshop will be provided by us. The workshop includes tasting the products made. We will be happy to parcel your baked goods with you.

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