Oats Cranberry Cookies

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Oats Cranberry Cookies 

20 Cookies packed in a glass jar

Weight: 400 gram 

Hand rolled cookies prepared with fresh ground wheat flour, rolled oats, dried cranberry, unprocessed sugar & unsalted butter.

Best Before: 15 Days 

Highlights: We bake fresh once we receive an order. Gluten-Free, Zero Trans Fat, Zero Margarine, High Protein, High Fibre, Preservative-Free, Colour-Free.

Storage Instructions: Store in an airtight jar at a cool dry place and keep away from direct sunlight.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Old-fashioned Rolled Oats, Dried Cranberry, Muscovado & Unsalted Butter.

Feedback: We ensure 100% quality in products that you buy from us. Having said that, we also understand that you may have occasional concerns. Please do write to hello@sparrowsathome.in and we will be happy to address the issue.