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3 Months | Cookery Course For Kids

Cookery Course For Kids | 3 Months | 24 Sessions | 2 Days In A Week 

Age Group: 8 To 12 Years 
Difficulty Level : Beginner-Friendly
Minimum Class Duration : 60 Minutes | Maximum Class Duration : 120 Minutes
Course Fee INR 26000/- Per Child

For most of us cooking is not only a life-skill but also a deeply creative engagement. Childhood memories of our usually clumsy  and adventurous sojourns to the kitchen still brightens our day. With these nostalgic underpinnings and also appreciating the need to help children learn cooking as life-skill, Sahaniya Cookery School has launched a cookery boot camp for children. The bootcamp will not only trigger interest in cooking but also help children appreciate the value of cooking as a life-skill.   

Module 1: Introducing Basic Cookery Skills
Kitchen safety and hygiene
Weighing, measuring spoons & cups
Measuring liquids & solids
Grating, peeling, chopping, dicing & slicing
Reading a recipe, exploring ingredients & spices

Module 2: Using Oven & Induction: Repeat and practice basics
Hand Rolled Cookies Baking
Basic Breads Baking
Hand-stretch Pizza Making & Baking
Hand Rolled Pasta Making & Baking

Module 3: Using Oven &  Induction - Advanced
Cupcakes & Muffins Baking
Preparing Salads & Dips 
Preparing Sandwiches
Special Session : Cook what you love

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