Sahaniya Cookery School

There's something for everyone at Sahaniya Cookery School - beginners and pros alike! 

Though a first-generation baker, Sahaniya strives to keep time-honored healthy cooking traditions alive. She has instilled this spirit in "Sparrows At Home" and now taking it further with the "Cookery School." Sahaniya Cookery School is a way to share and socialize the joys of cooking in inimitably simple and practical ways. 


It offers two types of training modules:

  • Recipe-based deep-dives viz. baking chocolate cookies
  • Cooking technique based deep-dives viz. bread making 

The modules are designed with experiential learning as the core. The participants will experience rigorous hands-on methods in play. Cooking is quite a personal experience - isn't it? You will also get to taste what you cook and take it home to share with your loved ones. The modules will range from 60-minute sessions to full-day sessions - all facilitated by Sahaniya and her team.

All the ingredients, tools and equipments for the workshop will be provided by us. The workshop includes tasting the products made.
Take your baking and cooking skills to the next level with comprehensive hands-on bake-cook sessions conducted by Sahaniya. Her modules are tailored for amateurs and professional chefs and offer a 360-degree lens to healthy cooking - from picking up the best ingredients to cooking/baking delectably healthy food. 
Join the masterclass "COOK LIKE A CHEF WITH SAHANIYA" and take perfect recipes for the healthily indulgent you and your loved ones. 
Sahaniya has been at the forefront of making healthy baking a part of daily life for many years now. 
Sparrows At Home with it’s unique range of healthy and tasteful offerings is a testament to her commitment. In her first-ever bootcamp series, Sahaniya opens the doors of her kitchen to handhold you to bake your favorite healthy recipes in simple yet elegant ways.

Workshop Venue
Sahaniya Cookery School
Sparrows At Home Cafe, 1st Floor, KM-01, Sector 104, Noida - 201304, Uttar Pradesh [India]