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Who are we

We are a casual neighborhood cafe that started on 25th December 2016. We have established a loyal yet varied clientele amongst lovers of all things baked, brewed, and good for the soul. 

Sparrows At Home Cafe serves healthy, low-carb, high-protein, gluten-free & vegan food and beverages. We are known for our honest, old-style, fresh, no-frills, healthy baking, and we do not use any trans-fats, colors, preservatives and essence.

In all the extraordinary happenings around us, we often forget to appreciate home baking as an art. Sparrows At Home Cafe brings this appreciation back. It brings back simple, natural, near organic, fresh, wholesome and healthy handmade baking into vogue.

We are old-fashioned Bakers! We bake using premium and preservative free ingredients. We are organic in the way we treat baking. For us, baking is an art that evolves every day, with the only constant being the baker’s personal touch. Our carefully chosen healthy ingredients blend tastily well in the joys of our baking. With no added preservatives or stabilizers, we are proudly old-fashioned.

Oh yes! We have chosen to be all-rounders! Everything you see on our website and in our store - all the cakes, all the drinks, all the baked goodies, the store design, and interiors - it’s all done by us, slowly and tastefully.

 We care! We care about our food because you care about it too! We have a very thoughtful kitchen that insists on doing our dough, purees, frosting, dips and creams. Everything you see is baked in our oven. Sit here for a while and get seduced to the fragrance of baking.

“Obsessive Coffee Disorder (OCD)” Yes! We claim to make the disorder contagious. Not only have we chosen the best coffee machine, but we handpick our coffee beans as well. Smell our beans and get carried away to a different world.


Co-founders of Sparrows At Home Cafe

Sahaniya Srivastava & Hemant Srivastava

“Follow what you are genuinely passionate about and let that guide you to your destination” ... Diane Sawyer

And that's how Sahaniya and Hemant created "Sparrows At Home Cafe." A sibling duo brought up together and brought together by their passion for baking. 

Sahaniya is the creator. It was her passion for baking that drove her from the world of finance, investments, and big corporations. Being self tutored her bakes exhibit earnestness in their ingredients, art in their looks, and home in their taste. Along with baking, she also creates “terrariums”- that’s her way to reduce carbon footprints.

Hemant is the curator. A meticulous planner and strategist, he brings in method to the baking madness. Having traveled the world developing software, he is now invested in proving that home-based baking can be driven by simple yet global best practices. Hemant is an avid trekker and loves experimenting with his DSLR.