5 Days | Summer Cookery Workshop for Kids

5 Days | Summer Cookery Workshop for Kids
INR 8000/- Per Participant | Participants' Age: 6 - 14 years 

Learning Units:
DAY 1 | Hand Rolled Cookies & Cupcakes Workshop
DAY 2 | Bread & Focaccia Baking Workshop
DAY 3 | Burrito & Pie Baking Workshop
DAY 4 | DIY Pizza & Baked Donuts Workshop
DAY 5 | Sushi & Dumpling Workshop

Sahaniya has been at the forefront of making healthy baking a part of daily life for many years now. Sparrows At Home with it’s unique range of healthy and tasteful offerings is a testament to her commitment.
In this workshop, Sahaniya opens the doors of her kitchen to handhold you to bake your favourite healthy recipes in simple yet elegant ways. All the items are baked with 100% natural ingredients with no preservative, margarine, artificial flavours & colours.

All the ingredients, tools and equipments along with apron, hand towel for the workshop will be provided by us. The workshop includes tasting the products made. We will be serving healthy lunch and beverages between the session. 

Sparrows At Home Cafe
1st Floor, KM-01, Sector 104
Noida - 201304
Uttar Pradesh [India]