Pre-Order Meal

In true Sparrows At Home style, we love to celebrate and plan special events throughout the year. Every event requires a personal touch. From styling this elegant space, to menu creation, we are here to assist with everything you require for a successful event.

Our meals are handcrafted in small batches. We work each and every day, hand-shaping the dough to bring you freshly baked bread. The ingredients that go into our preparation are carefully selected and honestly disclosed to our customers. Without any added preservatives, because the short shelf life is integral to experiencing the full flavor and goodness of the bread.

You will receive freshly done meal every time. You may store it in the fridge for later consumption or simply heat and enjoy the meal.

Book your order two days in advance.
Minimum order should be 3500/- and above. 
Takeaway Serving Time: 1:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Pre-Book Snacks & Meal 

Mini Stuffed Breads - 600gram & Dips - 150gram [Serves 4]
Garlic Potato Corn Cheese & Creamy Herb Dip | INR 800
Basil Pesto Cottage Cheese & Tomato Sauce | INR 1200
Creamy Herb Mushroom & Salsa Dip | INR 1200
Chipotle Chicken & Tomato Sauce  | INR 1200
Spiced Minced Mutton & Chilly Coriander Dip | INR 1400

Chicken Pie - 8" Round | INR 2600/-

Lavash Crackers [Serves 4] | INR 1600
Served with In-house Basil Pesto-150gram, Hummus-150gram & Ricotta Tomato Salad-250gram.

Croissant [4 piece]
Prepared with French butter.
Mini | INR 400 
Large | INR 800 

Focaccia [Serves 4] | INR 1000
Tomato/ Olive Focaccia-300gram, served with Basil Pesto-150gram & Hummus-150gram

Salad [Serves 4] | INR 1200
Served with Sourdough Bread Toasties
Tomato Cucumber Feta Salad
Burrata Green Salad 

Whole Wheat Sliders [Mini Burger] [Serves 4] 
Parsley Potato Cheese Slider | INR 800
Chipotle Cottage Cheese Slider | INR 900
Roasted Garlic Chicken Slider | INR 900
Creamcheese Bacon Slider | INR 1200

Hand Rolled Pasta [Serves 4]
Ravioli Stuffed with Spinach Ricotta | INR 2000
A delicious combination of ricotta and spinach make a wonderful meal. Topped with grated Parmesan. 
Spaghetti Aglio e Olio [Chicken / Mushroom] | INR 2000
Toasted garlic to a perfect golden-brown in the olive oil blended well with hand rolled spaghetti and Parmesan.

Curry & Bread [Serves 4] [Served with Sourdough Bread Toast / Focaccia/ Garlic Dinner Roll/ Brioche Bun / Slider]
Winter Pea Stew | INR 1800
A cross between a soup and a stew, this healthy French dish is packed with pea and mild spices.
Roasted Garlic Butter Mushroom | INR 1800
Sliced mushroom toasted with garlic butter, topped with diced tomato and black olives.
Spicy Ricotta Stir-fry | INR 1800
well cooked ricotta with ground black pepper and ginger, topped with parsley
Creamy Chicken Stew | INR 2000
Tender chicken, seasonal vegetables and herbs, cream, a splash of wine topped with a touch of Parmesan. 
Coconut Lime Chicken Curry | INR 2000
Diced chicken slow cooked with coconut milk, roasted garlic and with aromatic lime.
Spiced Minced Mutton | INR 2500
Slow cooked minced mutton with Indian spices

Curry & Pao  [Serves 4] [Served with Pao]
Pepper Paneer Bhurji | INR 1800
Paneer tossed with handful of simple ingredients, onions, garlic, spice powders, herbs and freshly ground black pepper. 
Butter Roast Chicken Curry | INR 2000
Boneless cubes cut in bite size - cooked with a tomato, butter, cream and slowly simmered with mild spices. 
Mutton Keema Curry | INR 2500
Slowly cooked minced mutton with onion, garlic, ginger, chilly and a special blend of dry roasted spices. 


All prices inclusive of taxes & charges. To book your meal please Whatsapp - 8447341898