Bootcamp - Hand-stretched Pizza Baking

90 minutes | INR 3000/- Per Participant | Ages 8+
90 minutes | INR 4000/- Per Participant | A Parent & Child [Under 8 years] 2 Participants

Learning Units: [also suitable for vegetarian diet followers]

As we guide you through each step of pizza making, stretch your dough and your imagination. Select mindful topping options and bake the dough. 

  • Learn how to balance your dough classic & multigrain crust dough
  • Learn quick dough and long leavening dough. 
  • Learn the secrets of rolling out the dough and topping techniques.
  • Learn to bake a perfect classic or thin crust pizza in your home oven.
  • Learn to store the dough and some other quick fix tips.

Topping available:

  • Veg: Olives, Jalapeno, Corn, Onion, Mushroom / Bell Peppers / Cherry Tomato
  • Non Veg: Olives, Jalapeno, Corn, Onion, Pepperoni / Sliced Chorizo/ Chicken

Anyone with basic kitchen skills can bake pizza. This workshop is for beginners as well as experienced bakers.

All the ingredients, tools and equipments along with apron, hand towel for the workshop will be provided by us. The workshop includes tasting the products made. We will be happy to parcel your baked goods with you.

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