What’s in the name

The Sparrow ...by Paul Laurence Dunbar

A LITTLE bird, with plumage brown, 
Beside my window flutters down, 
A moment chirps its little strain, 
Then taps upon my window-pane, 
And chirps again, and hops along, 
To call my notice to its song; 
But I work on, nor heed its lay, 
Till, in neglect, it flies away. 
So birds of peace and hope and love 
Come fluttering earthward from above, 
To settle on life's window-sills, 
And ease our load of earthly ills; 
But we, in traffic's rush and din 
Too deep engaged to let them in, 
With deadened heart and sense plod on, 
Nor know our loss till they are gone. 

Thanks, Paul, for giving words to the soul of "Sparrows At Home Cafe". 

Sparrows are so mundane that we tend to overlook their presence or absence from our lives. And then, on a lazy day, we suddenly realize the chirping is no longer filling our courtyard, and we are filled with a deep longing for the good old times.

Traditional home baking has a similar story. In all the glitz and glamour around us, we tend to forget home baking, and the art in embodies, Sparrows At Home endeavors to bring this feel-good comfort back. We deliver simple, every day, fresh, and healthy handmade baking to let you indulge in the nostalgia and comfort that food is supposed to bring. It nudges us to value traditional baking and think beyond preservatives and artificial enhancers.